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Breckenridge is a high altitude resort, with a base elevation of 9,600 feet and a summit elevation of 12,998 feet. This high altitude means that most visitors to the town from lower altitudes suffer some form of altitude sickness, the symptoms of which include fatigue, decreased appetite, shortness of breath with minimal exertion, nausea, headache and sleep disturbances.
Helping visitors since 2000, The O2 Lounge's Oxygen Bar provides around 90% Oxygen. This high concentration Oxygen is pumped to stations around the lounge where visitors can connect and breathe in comfort. Our Oxygen sessions help alleviate the symptoms of altitude sickness, assist with acclimatization to the altitude, and when combined with our aromatherapy fragrances (included free of charge) are also awesome for re-energizing after a tough day on the slopes, helping you to relax at the end of the day and are even a great cure for a hangover!
Visit The O2 Lounge 24 to 48 hours after you arrive in town to help maintain your blood Oxygen levels at a higher level and avoid significant effects of the altitude, which may spoil your vacation. You can then return for more Oxygen as you feel necessary during your stay to keep you feeling at your best. Our "Frequent Breather Card" provides seasonal discounts from 15% to 35% off the Oxygen sessions the more times you come back.
Oxygen Sessions

Our 90% Oxygen sessions are available in 15, 30 and 45 minute durations. The longer you breathe the more you reoxygenate.


Prices are $14, $22 and $26 respectively.


Each session includes one of our aromatherapy fragrances. You get to choose from Joy, Energy, Relaxation and Clarity.

Oxygen Rentals

We have Oxygen machines to rent so you can enjoy the benefits of our Oxygen sessions in the comfort and convenience of your hotel or condo. One machine can service a family of 4 to 6 people and prices are:


24 hours - $100       5 Days - $300       7 days - $400


Please visit The O2 Lounge to arrange your rental and collect your machine.

Portable Oxygen

In addition to our Oxygen sessions we sell Boost portable Oxygen cans so you can get your O2 boost while being active. These cans provide 95% Oxygen and work a bit like a rescue inhaler, providing that hit of Oxygen when you really need it.


Prices are $10.99 (small), $13.99 (medium) and $18.49 (large).

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